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Our mission
is to help consumers make informed decisions about their real estate.

Do those home improvement projects really pay off when you are selling?


Rely on the professionals at Action Realty Sales to help you sell your property. We offer a variety of services to meet your needs. 

Complete Brokerage Services

Our goal is not to list your property. In fact, most of our time is spent finding out the need of our clients. Valuation requires extensive analysis of the property. Whether you are exploring options for an elderly parent, acting as trustee for an estate, or handling a divorce, we assist you in determining the best alternative for the real property involved.

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Real Estate Services

As a fully cooperating Broker, Action Realty Sales networks with a variety of agents, advisors and Realtors, often taking joint listings, order in to maximize the marketing.

When making a decision on market timing or pricing, or whether you should be selling or leasing, we provide unbiased, professional advice. When making important decisions about your real property, don't you think you deserve better guidance than you would receive from chatting with a neighbor or visiting a website? We view our role as an ongoing supplier of information and constant consultant regarding the current market of a particular area.

While you are making the ultimate decision regarding your real estate investments, we supply you with information that allows you to decide. Once you determine what you want to do with your real property, we are well equipped to negotiate the best outcome when going forward with a sale, lease or purchase.

Commercial Real Estate & Brokerage Services

Once you decide to sell, the experts at Action Realty Sales utilize their industry knowledge and experience to help you market you property. It makes sense to engage commercial real estate and brokerage services from Action Realty Sales in Los Angeles, California.

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Our company creates individual sales and marketing plans by cultivating the best offers and supervising the entire transaction through completion to insure its success.


Because we recognize that a real property sale is impacted from multiple tax, estate, and income perspectives we understand that the process may be more complex and requires additional expertise. Real property sales in the context of bankruptcy, probate, TIC, LLC, 1031 Exchange demand even greater understanding and coordinated efforts.


With decades of experience and investment property expertise, we're the company to call. Our staff has a property management background, with a variety of construction and ownership entities.

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Focused on the Seller

Every transaction involves a buyer and a seller. However, while the buyer's interests are clear, a seller–or their representative–could have a wide array of interests, concerns, and objectives.

Tax issues are important to a buyer, but tax consequences are crucial to a seller. Long-term appreciation factors into a buyer's choice, while net operating income is an immediate concern for the seller with regard to establishing value. If finding an interesting property is important to the buyer, finding a qualified buyer is essential to the seller. Action Realty Sales specializes in selling property, as it is essential to know a property's worth before negotiating what it costs.


Renovation Reality!

Renovation Reality

How carefully do you pick your contractor?

Whether you are upgrading your property in preparation for marketing, you are improving your investment in order to command higher rental rates, or you just want to enjoy modifications while you are living in the residence.....you need to follow some guidelines when hiring a contractor.

How to Hire a Contractor

What Sells?

What Sells

A Time to Buy; A Time to Stay

Buy or Stay?

Contact us in Los Angeles, California, to sell your property with the help of our commercial real estate and brokerage services.